about badak abrasive
BADAK Abrasives Sdn Bhd, incorporated in 1989 is a leading one-stop total abrasive and diamond tools solution provider located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We supply and customize our own range of high quality abrasive products and market them under our own brand name of “BADAK”.

BADAK commands premium brand status in the market, attributed by its high product quality, proven performance, cost effectiveness and fair pricing which are well acknowledged by many satisfied end users. You will find BADAK’s product in most places ranging from your neighboring DIY shops, home improvement centers, hardware supply chains, manufacturers, to the very high-end OEM contract manufacturers and fabricators.

With over 25 years of proven track record as a premium abrasive solution supplier to a broad customer base, we have established a strong market foothold throughout Malaysia and are progressively expanding to serve more customers in other part of Malaysia.

BADAK’s team of expertise is renowned for its valuable in-depth product knowledge and experience in providing customers with a comprehensive and first-class abrasive and diamond tools solution. BADAK will engage the customers through the process of needs identification, product selection, product innovations, product customization and technical applications where applicable to provide top rated customer’s support service.

BADAK’s product quality and services exceeds the expectations of top notch end users who see the advantages and benefits in appointing us as their long term dedicated abrasive and diamond tools supplier and solution provider.

BADAK’s abrasives and diamond tools are rated top class that exceed stringent specified industrial quality conformance standards by our customers who come from a diverse industry background ranging from steel, stainless steel, glass, tiles, construction, petrochemical and automotive.