badak abrasive business beliefs values
Customers, Our Partners - Keeping customers satisfied by delivering them the value as promised is our objective. But developing a long term partnership with customers to enable to serve them better is our mission. Forging a partnership with the customers on a longer term basis allows BADAK to manage supplies more effectively with added value in terms of supply consistency, cost effectiveness and timely deliveries through forward planning.

High Value, Fair Pricing Products - BADAK believes high quality product can be produced at fair prices, and to achieve this objective, BADAK emphasize on placing more added value on the product essentials while simplifying the non-essentials to a sustainable level. We believe value-led products are achievable by streamlining our production process, reducing waste, simplifying business processes and improving communication by dealing more directly with customers.

Continuous Improvement - BADAK believes there is no end to learning and there is always something new to learn from our customers. With this in mind, we always take into consideration our customers’ view point and see things from their perspective when formulating solution. BADAK advocates its staff to develop a passion for continuous learning so as to keep them confident, relevant and knowledgeable in facing new challenges.

Fair Rewards - BADAK believes in giving fair rewards to its customers, employees and stakeholders of the company. By giving fair rewards where it is due inspires a high sense of belonging, equity and creates a caring environment within BADAK’s organizational culture. We believe a caring business enterprise cultivates loyalty, harmony, trust and dedication amongst its staff, business associates and customers which are essentially important for long term business success.