Fine Precision Cutting

01. Fine Precision Cutting

BADAK Diamond Cutting Wheel 200C and 100T used for cutting Ceramic Tiles & Glass Mosaic – This is BADAK’s specialty item for cutting tiles. It is made of the highest diamond quality material and specially designed to cut tiles with an extremely thin and sharp cutting edge of only 1.0 mm thickness to produce a precise smooth and clean even cut on the tiles without leaving any serrated edge on the cut ceramic tile.

Noise Reduction

02. Noise Reduction

BADAK Diamond Cutting Wheel 105C for cutting Ceramic Tiles & Glass Mosaic, provides a more user friendly environment by being able to reduce cutting noise during operation due to its special product design features.

Speedier Grinding

03. Speedier Grinding

BADAK Diamond E.P. Wheel EP402F and EP402S, EP405W and EP412U: This series of abrasive wheels are specially designed for speedier grinding with greater efficiency for glass and ceramic tiles as compared to other conventional grinding wheel.

High Durability and Efficiency

04. High Durability & Efficiency

BADAK 2R Diamond Cup Wheel: This product is built for greater grinding efficiency and higher durability for concrete, marble, granite and tiles due to its special robust built and thicker diamond thickness design.

Fine Finishing

05. Fine Finishing

BADAK Flap Disc C for glass, tiles and stones: This product is specially designed for fine finishing on glass, tiles and stones. It produces an extremely fine finishing on the cut material edge with noticeable difference which is safer to handle during operation.

Unchallenged Reputation

06. First in the Market, Unchallenged Reputation

BADAK PVA Polishing Wheel for glass, tiles and stones: BADAK is the first company to introduce this product item into the Malaysian market. Its proven record on product reliability as testified by many satisfied customers has earned BADAK as the market leader for this item ever since its introduction 15 years ago until now. This is BADAK’s first signature product which is reputed for its proven reliability unchallenged until today and is still the much preferred item by customers.

Badak Great Value

07. Great Value for Customers

BADAK prides itself by bringing this premium product at great value prices which put us way ahead of our competitors in creating added value for customers. Badak definitely helps customers to reduce cost yet without compromising on product quality. Value wise, this is one of our hot selling items.

Superior Material

08. Superior Material that Makes the Difference

BADAK ZPVA Polishing Wheel for stainless steel finishing & Felt Polishing Wheel PW100 for steel and stainless steel finishing: These two items are much sought after by end users who want a premium fine shining finishing of the materials. BADAK’s special product feature for both these items is that they are made of pure wool product material which definitely makes a significant quality improvement on the finishing of the polished material. Without a pure wool material, a high degree of shine and quality finishing would not be achievable by other lesser product materials.

Industry Specific

09. Developing Industry Specific Product

BADAK Flap Disc AP and Z: This disc is recommended for its application on steel and stainless steel products which are specific to meet stringent SOP (standard operation procedures) used in the petrochemical industry. BADAK is capable of developing industry-specific requirements by customizing the product to meet such high requirements.

Full Range of Sizes

10. Full Range of Product Sizes

BADAK 3mm & 6mm Shaft Mounted Point: BADAK can supply the full range of sizes for this particular item throughout Malaysia with fast delivery is available from shelf.