VTEM skitter
VTEM skitter
VTEM skitter

Badak Abrasive - Over 25 years of Trusted Performance in Abrasive & Diamond Wheels Solution

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Why Choose Us

BADAK Abrasive - Your Trusted Abrasive & Diamond Wheels Partner

Product Expertise

We have a highly knowledgeable and reliable team of abrasive experts.

Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured with modern highly-technological machineries and testing equipments.

Continuous Improvement

We always take into consideration our customers' view point when formulating solution.

Badak's Product Highlights

Badak welcomes you to look into our catalogue list of products and give us an enquiry if you needed more product information.

01. Fine Precision Cutting

BADAK Diamond Cutting Wheel 200C and 100T


02. Noise Reduction

BADAK Diamond Cutting Wheel 105C


03. Speedier Grinding

BADAK Diamond E.P. Wheel EP402F and EP402S, EP405W and EP412U


04. High Durability & Efficiency

BADAK 2R Diamond Cup Wheel


05. Fine Finishing

BADAK Flap Disc C for glass, tiles and stones


06. First in the Market, Unchallenged Reputation

BADAK PVA Polishing Wheel for glass, tiles and stones


07. Great Value for Customers

BADAK 6mm Shaft WA ResinBond Mounted Point


08. Superior Material that Makes the Difference

BADAK ZPVA Polishing Wheel for stainless steel finishing & Felt Polishing Wheel PW100 for steel and stainless steel finishing


09. Developing Industry Specific Product

BADAK Flap Disc AP and Z


10. Full Range of Product Sizes

BADAK 3mm & 6mm Shaft Mounted Point